KSJ Teaching, as an Educational Initiative, was started with the aim of providing quality education at no or minimal cost to all the students.

Overwhelming appreciation and acknowledgement from our dear students keeps encouraging us to continue with the same zeal.

​"We visualise KSJ Teaching as readily accessible Knowledge Boat sailing the Nation on the highest waves of Education"


We believe that a talent should not go waste just because of the lack of quality guidance or resources.



Quality education

Affordable education

Education for all



​CA Saurav Jindal, a Chartered Accountant by Qualification, an Education by Passion and a graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi.

​Passion for teaching gave the motivation for starting this initiative.

​Vast Teaching Experience.

​Authored Books on Cost Accounting, Financial Management & Economics For Finance for various professional and Other Courses. 

​His Books are not merely widespread text printed on a collection of papers, but they reflect his vast and deep knowledge about the subjects of his Excellence which he penned magically for the benefit of students at large.

The other enchanting fact about his books lies in the remarkably unique presentation of the content which is especially designed keeping in mind the psychological requirement of the students.