As per the Past Trends atleast 60-70% of the Paper is set from Study Material. This is a must to do course if you aim for Good Marks.

A unique Lecture Series of discussion where we will discuss ICAI Study Material Questions of Cost Accounting for CA Inter/IPCC, CMA, CS and other students.

Registrations are open for the Course.

Course will be provided through Google Drive/Mobile App (KSJ Teaching)  along with detailed instructions to play the videos.

Lectures can be played on Laptop, Desktop or Android Devices. Preferably play on Laptop or Desktop.

To Play on Mobile, you can subscribe to Course from our Mobile App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

2 Views per Lecture will be given. If you open a Lecture & Close it Midway, it will be counted as a view. No Additional Views will be given for this.

Validity of the Course will be 8 Months.

No need of any other study material for these lectures. The coverage in these lectures will purely be from ICAI Study material.


This course will help you in laying a strong foundation for the subject which will help you in scoring good marks in exams.

We will also discuss about the areas where students often commit mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes.

Marking of Important Questions from Examination Point of View.

You will learn how to tackle various questions asked by ICAI in exams.

Make the most out of this course along with our Free Youtube lectures for Concept Clarity.

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Price : Rs. 999/-

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  2.      If you are using Windows 7, then ensure that you have Service Pack 1 or above.  Else, you can download it free from Microsoft website.

  3.      Your laptop should have a minimum RAM of 2 GB and above.

  4.      You should have a legal version of anti-virus software installed.  If you format the laptop for any reason or change the operating system later on, the product may not run on it again.

No Refund will be issued under any circumstances once the payment is done.

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