(making a difference of 10-15 marks atleast)

  • A unique Lecture Series of discussion where we will discuss ICAI Study Material Questions of Financial Management for CA Inter/IPCC, CMA, CS and other students.

  • Language: Hindi-English Mix

  • Updated Series for May,22 will be available by end of January,22.

  • Course will be provided through Google Drive/Mobile App (KSJ Teaching)  along with detailed instructions to play the videos.

  • Lectures can be played on Laptop, Desktop or Android Devices.


  • To Play on Mobile, you can subscribe to Course from our Mobile App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

  • 2 Views per Lecture will be given. If you open a Lecture & Close it Midway, it will be counted as a view. No Additional Views will be given for this.

  • Validity of the Course will be 8 Months.

  • No need of any other study material for these lectures. The coverage in these lectures will purely be from ICAI Study material.


  • This course will help you in laying a strong foundation for the subject which will help you in scoring good marks in exams.

  • We will also discuss about the areas where students often commit mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes.

  • Marking of Important Questions from Examination Point of View.

  • You will learn how to tackle various questions asked by ICAI in exams.

  • Make the most out of this course along with our Free Youtube lectures for Concept Clarity.

  • Kindly provide GMAIL ID while making payment


MRP : Rs. 1399/-

No Refund will be issued under any circumstances once the payment is done.